Close On Your CT Home - CT Home Buying Network
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Close On Your CT Home

Close Your Home

With Jason Famiglietti

Looking to buy, sell or refinance your home?  Look no further than Famiglietti & Famiglietti, LLC, in Plainville, Connecticut.  Attorney Jason S. Famiglietti has been assisting home buyers, sellers and borrowers for almost twenty-five years.  If you are already under contract, or if you are looking to go under contract, he will hold your hand from the very start all of the way through closing.


Worry-Free Process

Jason is always willing to take your call or reply to your email or text.  He understands that buying, selling and refinancing are major life decisions and can be very stressful.  He and his staff do their best to make the process as worry-free as possible.

Eliminate the Headache and Contact the CT Home Buying Network Today!